North East Mortar

Tarmac North East is a leading supplier of Mortar in the North East. We offer both dry silo mortar which is ideal for large scale developments, to ready to use mortar delivered by our mixer fleet. Our mortar service is tailored to suit your needs.


As the North East’s leading mortar manufacturer we have a reputation for supplying durable, long lasting and high quality mortars from our network of our dedicated mortar plants strategically located across the UK.We offer specialised and local mortar products to customers across the North East, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead, Middlesbrough, Durham and North Yorkshire.

Mortar products:

Truspread mortar

Our Truspread mortar is produced with lime as a standard to allow for more durable longer-lasting buildings. Our Truspread mortar range is available in Dry Silo, Bulk Bags and traditional Ready to Use mortar.
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Coloured mortar

We have over 50 shades of mortar designed to allow the architects and builders unrestricted creativity. Our coloured mortars ensure the most pleasing match.
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Limelite heritage mortar

Limelite Heritage Mortar is a lime based low strength pointing mortar. Our limelite mortar is ideal for the pointing of masonry or brickwork.
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Hydraulic lime mortar

A Highly workable mortar that combines early set strength with long term flexibility and breathability. This mortar is available in three grades, HLM 5, HLM 2.5 and HLM 1. Our hydraulic lime mortar is designed to suit various strength requirements.
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Specially formulated to enhance the performance of mortar, and lessen the effect of water migration when used in conjunction with high suction masonry units.
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Lime sand mortar

Lime sand mortar Lime sand mortar is mixed on site with cement. This gives the mortar a creamy.
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Pressure pointing mortar

Pressure Pointing Mortars (PPM) are pre-blended cementitious products. These mortars are designed to provide a range of compressive strengths.
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We also supply dry mortar in weather resistant bags for that extra flexibility when dealing with the changing demands levels of a build project.
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