North East Blocks

Tarmac are the leading suppliers of aggregate and aircrete Blocks in the North East. Our blocks can be used in a variety of sectors from new housing to urban retail developments. This is because our Blocks are made to high standards, providing thermal, acoustic and structural performance benefits to your project. .


We are the leading supplier of aggregate and aircrete blocks, delivering in excess of 10 million HME per annum.We offer specialised and local block products to customers across the North East, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead, Middlesbrough, Durham and North Yorkshire.

Aircrete Blocks


Toplite is a versatile aircrete material which is able to provide solutions below ground. Our Toplite Aircrete Block can be used in foundation walls, suspended beam and block floors and all types of internal and external walling situations - making this aircrete block a popular choice among builders and merchants.
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Durox is our best thermal performing block, ideal for housing projects. Our thermal performance blocks are versatile, lightweight, and have thermal and acoustic properties making our durox Aircrete blocks the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications in all types of building projects; particularly in the housing sector.
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Aggregate Blocks


Topcrete are dense Aggregate blocks making them ideal for industrial applications. These aggregate blocks are also available in paint grade.
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Hemelite are Medium density Aggregate blocks ideal for SME builders. These aggregate blocks are also available in paint grade for commercial use.
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Blocks U-Value Calculator

This easy-to-use interactive tool is designed to help calculate the thermal performance of varying combinations of insulation and blocks, including aircrete and aggregate blocks.
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Our highly qualified technical team is always on hand to ensure that customers receive the very best guidance and advice through every step of the build programme.

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