Emma Murray

A&A Internal Account Manager

[email protected]
0191 448 7240

"I would say the main value that resonates with me is pride, pride in myself and how far I have come in the company. Pride in the way I handle myself and I'm always proud to see Tarmac wagons on the road!" - Emma on our Tarmac values

My approach to working:

I come to work everyday for Tarmac as I am genuinely proud of the company and what it stands for. I am proud to say I work at Tarmac, its reputation and of the people I work with. I have made firm lifetime friends here.

How life is at Tarmac:

There are many benefits of working at Tarmac. The atmosphere, the way the people work together and are treated - all the benefits of our staff canteen and simple things like free tea and coffee. When it comes to people’s wellbeing, safety and mental health our approach is something I am passionate about. My dad actually worked at the Samaritans and it's something I am interested in too so Tarmac’s consideration of its people and the support it offers is something that makes me proud.

The culture here is very much collaboration and of working together towards achieve our goals. Lots of fun, but hard working too.